ACEMAGIC S1 Intel 12th Alder Laker N95 Mini PC

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CPU: Alder Lake N95
KIND: 16GB+512GB

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Discover a versatile mini PC with screen
1.9" TFT LCD screen, 170x320 resolution

Why choose ACEMAGIC S1?

Customize your screen style

CPU status at a glance

Competitive performance

The latest 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake N95 with 4 cores and 6MB cache gives you even faster speeds to meet your multitasking needs.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet

Router/firewall software
Get firewall protection with PfSense software. Supports offline downloads, traffic control, multi-line control and connection load balancing.

File Storage Server

16 GB + 1 TB Storage Capacity
As a larger and more secure file storage server on a home network.

Magnetically removable

Case design Updated configuration is more mobile

Dual-screen 4K display

Drive up to 2 independent 4K@60Hz displays via 2 HDMI ports and optimize workflow efficiency

Fast WiFi browsing experience

270% faster than Wi-Fi 5

Newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.2

Efficient heat dissipation

The S1 uses copper pipes for faster heat conduction and features a lower ventilation design. It can run quietly even under full load.

Can be placed vertically or horizontally!

Store your MINI PC more easily.

What's in the box